Foods That Are Good for Your Skin in summer - Dermatology

Hydrate your skin, it's the summer season. We have plenty of food choices to get the
summer glow. No worries about dull skin or dry skin!

Drink a lot of water. It plumps your skin and minimizes wrinkles. Our doctors at Vasavi
Hospitals recommend having a low carbohydrate content rather than starchy food.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your list. Fruits keep you hydrated and it has more fibrous contents. Fruits also have antioxidants.

Some of them being Watermelon, lemon, papayas, bananas, Strawberries, mangoes,
raspberries, avocados etc.

Watermelons are the best thirst reliever. They are the best options for glowing skin. A
ripened watermelon has 90 per cent of water and fibrous content. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body.

Lemon is cheap and you can make lemonade. It is loaded with antioxidants and has vitamin c. It protects your skin from hyperpigmentation and acne in summer. Lemons are the gold choice to beat the heat on sunny days.

Bananas are the best moisturizer fruit in summer. It has a lot of vitamins. Bananas have the best healing property. It can be used to heal your acne marks and wrinkles. When it comes to vegetables, eat more leafy vegetables. Cucumbers, beans and bitter gourds are good for summer.

Skincare during summer

Always moisturize your skin after sun exposure. Use sunscreen before you go outside. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays. It's always good to take suggestions from a dermatologist about your skin type before using any products. Wash away the tan from your skin with a gentle face wash. Do]not miss moisturizing your lips.

Sunburn treatments

Take frequent cold baths to relieve the pain from the affected area. Severe sunburns are treated with pain relievers, medications and steroids. Drink more water so you will not get dehydrated. Do not pop the burn blisters. Try to reach the hospital immediately after the exposure.


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