The Benefits of Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

Our heart won't take any rest. It is busy pumping blood and keeping us alive. Our lifestyle has a big impact on cardiac diseases. By doing exercise we can reduce the risk of heart attacks and many other diseases.

How exercise benefits our hearts?

Exercise benefits our heart in a number of ways.Regular exercise normalizes blood pressure. It works more like a beta blocker which lowers your heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Exercise has a key role in heart health. It strengthens our arteries and veins. It improves the strength of the muscles to pull out oxygen and helps in respiration.

Our body produces stress hormones which affect the heart. More exercise may reduce the release of stress hormones. It lowers the risk of arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation.

Exercise for a healthy heart!

What kind of exercise do we do for our heart? Cardiologists in Vasavi hospital would recommend aerobic exercise for a healthy heart. Regular activities such as walking, bicycling and swimming repeatedly move the larger muscles in your body. You will see the results in weeks.

As you do aerobic activities, your heart beats faster which increases the blood flow to your muscles. It strengthens your heart.

Aerobic exercise helps to keep your arteries clear. It lowers the bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol in your arteries.

Exercise after heart surgeries.

Our cardiologist recommends people do simple Breathing exercises, and mobility and flexibility exercises after heart surgery. It's quite normal that you feel tired after you gradually increase your exercise timing. Your body needs enough rest to recover. Do not exercise in windy or hot climates. It will build stress in your body. Follow up on the instructions of your cardiologist before doing any new steps.

A healthy heart for a healthy life.

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