When should you see a doctor for neck pain

Often, neck pain can be due to a serious disease like rheumatoid arthritis.

When to see a doctor.

If the pain is not tolerable or lasts for more than two days.

Inability to bend your head down.

Swelling in the neck region.

It spreads down your arms and legs.

Pain associated with headache, numbness, etc.;

Immediate medical attention!

Severe neck pains due to an unexpected fall, road, or car accident should seek immediate medical care.

Prevention tips!

Always maintain a good posture while you sleep, stand or sit

Do not carry overload, as it can strain your neck muscles.

Adjust the chair position while using the computer.

Studies show that smoking can cause neck pain, so quit it.

Take some breaks in between your work.

Hold your head centered over your spine

Avoid injuries to your spine, neck, or head.

Chronic neck pain!

In some individuals, the pain may persist for more than 3 months, which is known as chronic neck pain. It is more complex, and the underlying cause for this condition varies for each person.

However, damage to the neck bones and the disc layered between each cervical vertebra causes chronic neck pain.

Researchers also found that chronic neck pain may be due to depression, anxiety, and worries.

Relieving factors

Adequate rest, pain relievers, posture improvement, and applying heat and cold can give you some relief. It is easy to follow.

Applying heat and cold: Initially, ice packs can reduce swelling from strains and sprains. After that, heat is applied to lose and relax your muscles.

Treatment for neck pain

At Vasavi, most neck pain causes can be treated with guidance from a medical professional. Physiotherapy will help improve neck strength and flexibility. However, medications can also be given. These medications will relax the muscles and treat inflammation and pain.

Advisable to follow the instructions of your doctor to prevent any further complications.

Surgical treatment for neck pain

Usually done when the non-surgical treatments fail to cure the pain. Surgery may be considered to stabilize the cervical spine and remove a problematic disc in the cervical spine.

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