Patient Rights

As a patient of Vasavi Hospital you are entitled for the following rights:

  1. Right to expect consideration and respectful care.
  2. Right to obtain all the relevant information about the professionals involved in the your care.
  3. Right to have information on care plan, progress.
  4. Right to have information and education on healthcare needs like disease process, complications, prevention strategies, proper usage of medication, diet and nutrition, immunizations and to preventing infections.
  5. Right to expect that all the communications and records to be treated as confidential.
  6. Right to privacy and dignity during medical care.
  7. Right to expect enough information and then give informed consent before any invasive procedure or research protocol.
  8. Right to access your medical records as per the Hospital Policy.
  9. Right to know about hospital rules and regulations.
  10. Right to seek information on expected cost of treatment.
  11. Right to seek additional opinion about your disease, treatment, etc at your own cost.
  12. Right to refuse for treatment, after receiving information on further consequences of refusal.
  13. Right to follow spiritual, dietary and cultural preferences until it does not jeopardize the treatment or investigations.
  14. Right to be protected against abuse or neglect and expect personal safety and security
  15. Right to seek information on how to Voice a complaint and expect its proper redressal.